Coming Soon: A NEW edition of The Lighted Lamp

Soon there will be a newletter.  Through the changes in the office we are now getting closer to publishing a new eidtion of The Lighted Lamp. 

Thank you for bearing with us through this transition.

For more information please call Kelly our New Administrative Assistant/Church Secretary at (478) 272-3721.

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The Lighted Lamp ~ October 14, 2010

Special Events in October

You can download the HPMC October 2010 Calendar or view it online here. October birthdays and anniversaries are noted on the downloadable calendar. 

Upcoming Events

  • HMPC’s Anniversary Celebration and Dedication Sunday are October 17th
  • The Fall Festival and Memorial Service is Thursday, October 28th

In This Issue

  • HMPC Anniversary Celebration
  • Fall Festival and Memorial Service
  • From the Interim Pastor
  • News from Presbyterian Women
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Church Officer Leadership Training

HMPC Anniversary Celebration

Click here to see the poster

You are all invited to attend the HMPC Anniversary Celebration this Sunday, October 17th. The Guest Minister for morning worship services will be Rev. John Law. Please plan to join us for the pot luck luncheon in the Christian Life Center immediately following the service. Following the luncheon, Dawn Snow and Jean Davidson will provide some special music for the celebration.The CLC will be opened prior to Sunday school and church on October 17th for those who want to bring their potluck dishes beforehand.

Note: be sure to invite family, friends, and former and current members of the church to the celebration.

Fall Festival and Memorial Service

The Fall Festival and Memorial Service is scheduled for Thursday, October 28th at 7:00pm at the Curry camphouse.  Hot dogs, chili, beans, and drinks will be provided by the church.  Everyone is invited to bring a special treat, dessert, or snack to share. 

The Memorial Service will follow the festival.  Anyone wishing to add names to the memorial list, please contact Norm Buckhouse or the church office.

Directions to the camphouse:  From Wal-Mart go west on Rt. 80 for approximately 1 mile until you come to the Old Macon Road on your right. Turn right on the Old Macon Road and proceed for approximately 7 miles until you come to Palmetto Farms on your left.  There will be a white sign at the entrance. Turn left into Palmetto Farms and follow the lane to the camphouse.

From the Interim Pastor

Greg Garis, Interim Pastor

I read this week a good statement about how important an Interim Pastor is for a church.  The information comes from the Center for Congregational Health.  

Most churches view the time between the resignation of one pastor and the call of another as unproductive, fallow time. Some feel it is wasted time. Others fear the congregation will lose members or dollars. Still others are in a rush to call a new pastor as quickly as possible so things can return to normal. Significant studies of hundreds of interim congregations over the past twenty years are now showing that the interim between pastors can be an important time in congregational life. Neil Chafin, an experienced consultant to congregations, says,

“The way a congregation chooses to use its interim time will shape congregational growth, identity, and health for years to come. We also know that what is done in the interim time really determines whether the new minister and congregation will form a solid ministry team.”

Congregations which fail to make wise use of interim time tend to repeat their history with the new minister. This can lead to pain and confusion for the minister and prevent the congregation from meeting its goals of spiritual growth for its members and ministry to its community. Expectations of ministers and churches vary enormously. Membership in many churches is either level or decreasing. Many congregations are unsure of their future. Each generation differs on expectations for the church. The interim is the best time to talk about and clarify these hopes and questions about church life.”

The program I am leading called “Then and Now” is a way for you to share about the history of Henry Memorial Presbyterian Church.  Please join me Tuesdays,  October 19 and November 2 and 16 at 7:00pm.  

Greg Garis
Interim Pastor

Presbyterian Women

PW Attic Sale

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the very successful PW Attic Sale. As you know, this is how the Presbyterian Women generate funds for our mission work all through the year. If you donated items, baked goodies, or helped with organizing and conducting the sale, we thank you so much for your help. Without you, none of this would have been possible. The final total was over $1950.00.

Betty Smith and Ann Woods
Co-chairs Of the Presbyterian Women’s Attic Sale

Be an Angel

“Be an Angel” is a project Presbyterian Women at HMPC promote every year. In the article below there is a list of needed items for this project.

We will be having a collection area at the HMPC in the near future. (Stay tuned on that–later in November.)

This article is just to give you a “head’s up” about items you might be interested in purchasing (taking advantage of sales, as they come along). Swainsboro Apartments does not receive any support from the Santa Express program, so this is a special project that is near and dear to our hearts here in the Savannah Presbytery. Most of the people who live in these apartments are low income, so any help you can give is very important to them.

Here is a portion of the email from Savannah Presbytery:

Once again, we are asking for your support of our annual “Be An Angel” program at the Swainsboro Presbyterian Apartments. Over the past years, SPA has been fortunate to receive very generous donations from the churches of Savannah Presbytery. As we are owned by the Savannah Presbytery, we welcome and need your support in our efforts to provide Christmas gifts for each resident.

As you plan your mission giving this holiday season, please make sure to include our residents. We currently have 53 residents consisting of 11 men and 42 women and three married couples. Your generous donations insure that each of our residents will have a Christmas gift bag. For some, your gifts are the only Christmas presents they receive.

Donations can include, but are not limit3ed to, personal items such as toiletries, boxes of stationery, assorted greeting cards, socks, candies, diabetic candies/cookies, hand towels, kitchen towels, pot holders, books, and puzzles.

Your support is greatly needed for Christmas 2010. And, we thank you for your consideration and generous support to our mission of providing a very merry Christmas for our residents.

Please plan to participate in “Be An Angel” a big way this year.

Sara Ninan,
Together in Service Chairman
Presbyterian Women

Fall Gathering 2010

On September 25, 2010, PW from all over the Savannah Presbytery gathered at HMPC for a time of fellowship and worship. Our guest speaker was Zac Holt, recipient of the Columbia Friendship Circle Scholarship. Dr. Ken McKenzie, Excecutive Presbyter, administered communion in a meaningful worship service. There were three workshops followed by a luncheon in the CLC.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a successful Fall Gathering 2010.

Barbara Riddle
Moderator, HMPC PW

Click here to see a slideshow of pics from the Fall Gathering.

Mission and Evangelism

Operation Christmas Child:  Sign-up sheets are being distributed and will be available in the Narthex and at the Sunday school sanctuary entrance the next two Sundays, Oct. 17th and Oct. 24th. Please continue saving your shoeboxes for this project. November 7th will be the dedication service for our boxes prior to delivery and shipment.

Habitat for Humanity:  HMPC will be providing lunch for the workers at the house currently underway on Saturday, Oct. 16th.  More volunteers are needed on Saturdays.  See Diane Hendricks for details.

From the Savannah Presbytery ~
Church Officer Leadership Training 

Church Officer Leadership Training will be held on Saturday, December 4th, from 8:00am to 4:00pm, at White Bluff PC in Savannah. The cost is $20.00 per person, which includes lunch and childcare. The theme is Seeking to Serve with Energy, Intelligence, Imagination, and Love. We have some great workshops and leaders lined up, and all elders, session members, treasurers, and deacons are encouraged to attend, especially if you have been newly elected this year. 

See the attached brochure and download the registration form here. The registration deadline is November 23rd.

If you have any questions about the event, call the presbytery office at 1-800-548-7021.

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Slideshow of PW Fall Gathering 2010

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The Lighted Lamp ~ September 23, 2010

Special Events in October

You can download the HPMC October 2010 Calendar or view it online here. October birthdays and anniversaries are noted on the downloadable calendar.    

  • Communion ~ October 3rd
  • Then and Now with Dr. Greg Garis begins Tuesday, October 5th
  • Peacemaking Offering ~ October 10th (Read more here.)
  • The HMPC Anniversary Celebration and Dedication Sunday are October 17th
  • The Fall Festival and Memorial Service is Thursday, October 28th

Then and Now

Rev. Dr. Greg Garis 

Rev. Greg Garis

We are filled with memories of the past. Sometimes those memories make us smile and sometimes they can bring tears. Part of the reality of our lives is that we are shaped by the past and how we accept changes that come our way. 

I invite the congregation to join me in a special program that I am designing called “Then and Now.” This is a opportunity for me to share with you who I am, my past and my journey, but also for the members and friends of this congregation to share who this church is and the events and symbols and issues that have taken place in this church; Henry Memorial Presbyterian church journey. Part of my Interim ministry is to help the congregation come to grips with the past and assist the church to move forward into the future. 

Please join me for this special program called “Then and Now.” It will be held on Tuesdays, October 5 and 19 and November 2 and 16, from 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM in the Conference room. 

Calling All 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Graders to Serve as Acolytes 

Churches have had acolytes for almost 2000 years. Acolytes are a very important part of our worship services because they help everyone worship God. As a matter of fact, the word “acolyte” means “helper.” If you become an acolyte, you will wear a robe and use a candle lighter to light the Christ candle at the beginning of the service to remind people that Christ is with us. At the end of the service you will light the candle lighter, extinguish the Christ candle, and carry the Light of Christ out into the world. If you are interested in becoming an Acolyte or learning more about it please contact Bob Alexander or Betty Smith.   

We also need an adult to oversee the Acolyte Program. If you would like to work with some of the finest children on earth, contact Betty Smith or Bob Alexander.   

Then and Now 

News from Mission & Evangelism

The Peacemaking Offering is Sunday, October 10th. This offering helps to support our Peacemakers Award program for local high school Seniors.  

Click here to read letter

 Kudos to Eileen Buckhouse who faithfully remembers our congregation with birthday cards. Thanks, Eileen!  

Habitat for Humanity’s construction of their 29th house is underway. This house will be for a single father of eight and will be a six bedroom, two bath home, constructed in East Dublin on Wheeler Street. Our church will once again participate in this project. More details will be forthcoming.  

Are you searching for a former member? A list of out-of-town and former members is available in the church office.  

Please read this letter from India requesting shoeboxes through OCC. Just click on it to open it to full size. There is a projected need for 60 shoeboxes. If you can donate, please bring the shoeboxes and place them in the Tone Chimes room. Thanks. 

Fall Festival and Memorial Service ~ October 28th!

Save the date! We will be having our Fall Festival and Memorial Service once again this year at the Curry Camphouse on Thursday, October 28th.   

Fall Gathering
Presbyterian Women
Savannah Presbytery

September 25, 2010

    511 Bellevue Avenue
    Dublin, Georgia 31021
    Telephone: (478) 272-3721   

    Contact Barbara Riddle at 478-275-0487 for details.  

Schedule and Registration Fees for the Fall Gathering  

  • Registration ~ 9:30am ~ The registration fee is $6.00 and includes materials, morning refreshments, and lunch)
  • Church ~ 10:15
  • Workshops ~ 12:15 to 1:00pm
  • Lunch ~ 1:00pm 


  • Starting a Knitting Ministry ~ Barbara Riddle
  • Revelation: the book of HOPE (This year’s Circle study book.) ~ Eileen Buckhouse
  • Sprout, Grow, Blossom, and Bloom (Revitalizing your PW) ~ Janet Ward

Support Our Troops! A Pillow Project

For PW from Chris Thomas  

Army Nurse Eliece Neuman, my daughter, has requested that we send small pillows to her in the Middle East. The pillows are used to position patients during surgery. They need to be 5” x 9” by 2” thick. Please make some of these, and bring them to the Fall Gathering. There is no preference on fabric; most any cotton type fabric will be just fine. We will send them along to Eliece.  If you wish to send them later, Eliece’s address is:   

SSG Eliece Neumann
909th FST
FOB Shank East
APO AE 09364  

Note: If you are shipping pillows directly to Eliece, a customs form must  be filled out. 

Between the Covers

HMPC’s book club will meet Monday, October 4th. in the HMPC conference room at  7:00 pm to discuss The Thirteen Tale by Diane Setterfield. Bring a small snack to share. 

Click here to visit the author’s page at Simon & Schuster. You can read an except from the book and listen to a bit of audio. 

HMPC Anniversary Celebration 

You are all invited to attend the HMPC Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, October 17th. The Guest Minister for morning worship services will be Rev. John Law. Please plan to join us for the pot luck luncheon in the Christian Life Center immediately following the service. Following the luncheon, Dawn Snow and Jean Davidson will provide some special music for the celebration. 

Called to Serve

Gene and Connie Pricer

 by Gene Pricer 

“Peace of God”, does it really dwell in me? 

I often ask that question of myself when I become frustrated, annoyed or even angry, not so much at myself for I can usually excuse that due to my own stupidity, but when directed at another person or persons. This is even more pronounced when these feelings surface as it relates to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I mean, if I really think about it, I have all the right in the world to justify those feelings because those who are offending me should know they are wrong. I mean, how many times has someone in Sunday School questioned your interpretation of a scripture (how dare they), challenged your input during a committee meeting (so you think I’m an idiot), shown up late for a meeting and repeat questions already discussed (now you’re wasting my time), had to be first on a responsive reading (every verse), never take on any responsibilities (I mean I only have so much time). Okay, let me stop, I think my point has been made. I know such pettiness only comes to my door, but I think it illustrates the topic Does the Peace of God dwell in me? 

I believe at times it does, but then there are other times I know the Peace of God has gone on sabbatical within my life. I read in Paul’s letter to the Colossians (3:14 -17) we “above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection.” It’s (love) like a garment, a robe that we should be putting on – the final rung in our ladder of Christian growth. It seems there are too many times that as I reach for that final rung, ready to put on that bond of perfection, that someone or something is pulling my leg and my palm becomes sweaty and that final rung slips away. 

As if that was not enough, verse 15 tells me “and let the peace of God rule in your hearts.” When frustration, annoyance, and anger surface I am giving way to the carnal nature within me rather than enjoying the Peace of God which is a gift he has given me as his child. How much more I would rather have the Peace of God, but it so often evades me as my self-destructive nature takes a grip. 

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you…” (verse 16). I now find that even though I have access to the Word, that’s not enough, it has to dwell in me. Not only is the Word to dwell in me, but it must become my master and I must become the servant. But wait; if that be the case then I have no room for my carnal nature of frustration, annoyance or anger. Now that I can live with. 

The real litany test is verse 17 “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.” So then the questions I have to ask myself: is the thought I have, the action I take or the word I speak for self-gratification, which in and of itself can become self-perpetuating, or have I acted “in the name of the Lord Jesus” which can build that “Peace of God” that I so desperately seek and miss the mark at times. 

What kind of child of God could I become, what kind of church could HMPC become, what kind of community could Dublin become, what kind of state could Georgia become, what kind of nation could the USA become, what kind of world could we become if only we would put on the Love of God and let His Peace dwell within us. 

I ask for your prayers and that God would start with me. 


Operation Christmas Child 2010

by Eileen Buckhouse   

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas   

What? We are still having temperatures in the 90’s!   

Actually, I am just trying to get you in the spirit of giving, gearing up for the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry. The first thing we must try to collect is the shoeboxes. Our goal is to fill 60 shoeboxes this year. There are a few plastic shoeboxes that have been donated to get us started, but three or four of our donations have disappeared.   

The first dates you will want to put on your calendar are Sundays, October 10 and 17. These are the dates when we will have our sign-up before Sunday school and before church. When you sign-up, you will hopefully get a shoe box, a list of the items acceptable for the box, the boy/girl label, and the envelope for your shipping donation.   

There are four categories: toys, educational supplies, hygiene products, and other items. All gifts should be new and the boxes should have items from each of these categories. I know that soap, toothpaste, wash cloths, and towels are not much of a gift for our kids but when a child doesn’t have any, receiving these items is very much appreciated.   

The next date to remember is November 7, that is the date to have your undecorated, filled shoeboxes returned to the church. It is also the date when we will dedicate the boxes during the church service before they are delivered to Liberty Baptist Church here in Dublin.   

The National Collection Week is November 15-22. We will be delivering the boxes to one of the churches here in Dublin. The boxes will then be delivered to a location in Atlanta where they will be screened. Some other items will be added to the box before they are sent on their way to a deserving child.   

Thank you in advance for your participation in this great ministry.   

Eileen Buckhouse and the Mission and Evangelism committee

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The Lighted Lamp ~ August 26, 2010

Special Events in August:

You can download the HPMC September 2010 Calendar or view it online here. September Birthdays and anniversaries are noted on the downloadable calendar. 

  • Come to the Song and Scripture Service on August 29th!
  • John Law will be our guest pastor on Sunday, September 5th. Communion will be by intincture.
  • The church office will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, Sept. 6.
  • Come to the PW Attic and Bake Sale on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 10-11.
  • Rally Day is September 12th! Bring a guest to Sunday School.
  • PW Circle Meetings start again on Tuesday, September 14th. September’s hostess is Connie Pricer.
  • The Stewardship Committee will host the Congregation Appreciation Meal on Thursday, September 16th.
  • The PW Fall Gathering is Saturday, September 25th.

Song and Scripture Service ~ August 29th

Our worship service on August 29th will be a special gathering for our HMPC family. It will be a Song and Scripture Service with great singing, sharing scripture ,and understanding how God is working in the life of our congregation. Our Youth will also be involved and talented vocalist Dawn Snow will be sharing special music. Continue reading

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