Become a Member of HMPC!

All baptized Christians are welcome to share in the feast at the Lord’s table. And, unlike many denominations, we do not require anyone to be a member, or even a Christian, to attend services. Our congregation welcomes anyone wishing to become a member of this congregation regardless of his/her race or cultural background. There are three methods recognized by the Presbyterian Church to become a church member.

  • For those who have recently been active members of another church, a letter of membership is requested from that body.
  • For those who have been members in the distant past, but have not been active, these may come by reaffirmation of their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • For those who have never had membership in a Christian Church, these may join by confession their faith in Jesus Christ and receiving baptism.

The Session will meet after church to answer questions and receive new members.

Each Presbyterian Church is separately incorporated and responsible for its own finances and programs, and for selecting its own pastor. We are essentially dependent on ourselves financially and, as members, we commit ourselves each October to a pledge for the coming year so the Church does not rely on casual cash giving or “emergency” requests. We teach that this intentional planning to return to God part of His gifts to us is the primary act of support. Occasionally during the year, we support individual offerings such as Joy Gift (an offering to help support retired ministers), Mission Season Offering, Thornwell Orphanage, plus a few others. All pledges and other gifts are always made and kept in confidence, so there is never any publicity or pressure.

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